A Time Capsule

We can’t travel to the future yet, but with a little patience we can travel to the past. well maybe a bit more than a little…

A “Time Capsule” is like a small time machine, that allows you to go in to the past and really smell and feel it. Especially in a world which is becoming more and more digital.

To top all that, most things in the time capsule, were probably already forgotten by who ever placed them there, so the surprise in what you might find there is a big part of the fun.

This is a real family activity, which should involve everyone, just set your self a reminder 20–25 years from now.

The “Time Capsule” is the perfect way to ensure that today’s memories last well into the future.

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About the Time Capsule

  • SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Pressure: 10Mpa
  • Lifetime: over 200 years

 Get it Now via Amazon

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