A Metal Detector

A Metal Detector

Have you ever had dream to find a treasure chest filled with gold and diamonds? Have you ever wondered if some ancient tribes, dead bandits or some very rich old lady hid something very valuable 100 years ago or 1000 years ago, in your own back yard or near the weird looking rocks that you saw few days ago on your family road trip?

Well… to transform these fantasies to a glorious reality, and become a level 2 treasure hunter, you gotta have a metal detector, and a decent one.

(level 1 treasure hunter is one that only fantasies about treasure hunting but never acts on it).

To get your mind going… 10 Biggest Hidden Treasure Stashes Ever Found:

Indiana Jones
  • Many find cool small little treasures, few also find huge ones.
  • Now it will be easier to look for a lost earring.
  • Realize an amazing treasure hunter fantasy.
  • Reveal some of the history that is right below your feet, and no one is even aware of it.
  • For quick gratification you can go coin hunting in your nearest beach.

Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko

  • You’ll need patience .
  • Hunt only where it is allowed.
  • Don’t just use it for beach coin hunting.

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