25 Day to Day Items with Secret Stash - Perfect Gift for Housewarming or Frequent Flyers

Looking for best places to conceal small, valuable items that no one can suspect? Well, here we have a list of 25 such items that are very common in every house and bring no suspicion. With these things in your home, you can fool burglars and protect your valuables.

Check this list and see which item is perfect for you:

Hidden storage book box hider


This is basically a sustainable wood box which has real books on one side and storage box on the other. Use it as a full box or convert it to half-box by the slide-in slide-out feature. It is perfect to conceal secret documents, routers, outlets, plugs or money. Find it here!


Southwest Specialty Products 80001S Candle Safe



Made from 100% vegetable wax, this burgundy colored candle burns up to 20 hours. But apart from providing light, it can help you conceal jewelry, currency and keepsakes. The bottom of this secret candle safe is hollow and allows you to "hide it in sight". Just unscrew it and you have your little treasure in front of you. Find it here!


Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment


Give a perfect blend to your furniture with this rich walnut finish mantle clock. And who can even think to check a clock for valuables? The clock folds open and takes you to a concealed safe behind its face. Currency, jewelry and some other emergency supplies can easily make space for themselves in this safe. Find it here!


Sterling Silver Locket Ring Secret Compartment Garnet

The sterling silver locket ring has a beautiful and attractive dark red garnet stone in the exact middle. This stone folds open and gives space to hide small valuables. You can now carry your most valuable item with yourself, wherever you go, with no fear of losing it. Find it here!


Pepsi Stash Bottle Safety Diversion Secret Compartment


This Pepsi bottle can actually help you conceal currency, jewelry and other valuables. Ever heard of a burglar checking a Pepsi bottle for valuables? Probably not. So, your valuables are absolutely safe in the secret compartment in the middle of this bottle. The outer look is exactly that of a bottle filled with Pepsi but actually, it hides your valuables. Find it here!


Hidden Safe Fake Household Surge Protector Decoy

This surge protector does not work but has an on/off switch to create perfect illusion. The safe compartment inside the protector lets you conceal your valuables discreetly. Moreover, you can even plug up to six cords and plug the protector into a wall outlet to add realism and guess what, the electrical current won't enter the case to cause harm to your valuables. Find it here!


Fake Axe Body Spray Secret Stash Diversion Can Safe


A perfect place to hide small things - inside Axe bottle. Yes, the hollow Axe bottle is easy to open and hard to notice. Carry it with yourself while traveling or make it a part of everyday use, the smell proof can hide small objects discreetly without any sense of suspicion. Find it here.


Secret Compartment US Half-Dollar


Ever thought that a small coin can help you hide things? Well, this does. These covert coins are made from real coins to create a secret compartment inside it. No one can differentiate it when placed near a real coin. It does not open accidentally, rather needs an opening ring, without which it is nearly impossible to open the coin. Find it here!


Holy Bible Book Safe with Combination Code Lock


With the outer look of the holy book, Bible, this book has a strong and compact steel safe to help you conceal valuables like currency, jewelry, passport, and even a handgun. Also, the safe comes with a combination lock. So, it cannot be opened by anybody else even if they come to know about it. Find it here!


Best Foods Mayonnaise Diversion Safe Stash Can w Smell-Proof Bag


You can now hide your valuables in a mayonnaise jar that weighs, smells and looks like exactly a real one. Unscrew the factory sealer jar lid and get your way to a large hiding space. The pack comes with a human friendly smell proof bag that keeps your valuables even more secure. Find it here!


Flower Pot Diversion Safe


Keep your valuables close at hand and out of sight by hiding them in the flower pot diversion safe. The plastic top of the pot is removable and takes you to a steel bottom container, featuring a locking lid. Also, it fits well with every home decor style and brings no suspicion.

Find it here!


AA Battery Secret Stash Diversion Safe / Pill Case


This pack of battery contains six AA batteries that look like the real ones and even fit several battery compartments. Unscrewing the bottom of the batteries will get you a secret compartment, large enough to conceal a bill. A well-preserved important bill means safe money! Find it here!


Hidden Coffee Mug Safe, Stainless




No matter if you're a coffee lover or not, we bring to you a reason to get a coffee mug. The bottom of the mug is easy to open and takes you to a secret storage container to help you hide your valuables. It is perfect for home, office, RVs, cars and even traveling. Find it here!


Alice In Wonderland - Real Paper Diversion Book Safe with key


A book that looks so real that it can easily fool a thief by blending seamlessly into your bookshelf. The book has actual paper pages hollowed out to create a secret stash compartment. Hide your money, passport and jewelry in this compact lock box and fool the burglars.

Find it here!


Hollow Toilet Paper Roll Diversion Safe


 No burglar thinks to check the washroom and waste his time. But you can use this as your advantage with the help of this hollow toilet paper roll diversion safe. The diversion safe on both the sides come with a small air-tight canister to keep your valuables more safe and secure. Find it here!


Secret Stash Random Pringles - Sealed W/ Chips inside



Pringles can be helpful for much more than just adding spice to your life. These Pringles packs come with a hollow bottom space to allow you space to conceal your valuables like jewelry, currency and other small things. The top part of the pack is sealed and has chips inside to add realism. Find it here!


TanSafe - Portable Beach Safe


TanSafe is a bottle of sun lotion that you can easily carry with yourself to a beach. Wait, is it really a bottle of moisturizing sun lotion? No, it is actually a stealth safe that can hold your valuables like money, jewelry, keys, credit/debit cards, and most mobile phones. Find it here!


Hidden Money Pouch - Non-Metal Buckle


Gone are the days when belts were just used to fit your clothes. This belt comes with an easy-to-use inside hidden zippered pocket. It has enough space to hold spare currencies, paper passport copy and other important travel documents. The fully adjustable security belt is perfect for both men and women. Find it here!


S. Patrol US Patrol Hanging Closet Safe, Black, SINGLE SIZE





How about hiding your valuables in your clothes? Yes, this regular cotton tank top looking hanging closet safe has 9 clear pockets to allow you space to store your valuables and keep them safe, when at home or any hotel. It invites no suspicion while hanging with other items in your wardrobe. Find it here!


Secret Stash Marker

Carry your valuables with yourself, wherever you go, by hiding them in this secret stash marker. The marker comes apart from the middle and lets you conceal small valuables. The additional features what we love the most is it still writes and doesn't come apart when the cap is removed. Find it here!


Hair Brush Diversion Safe


This hair brush is a real function hair brush that also allows you room to hide jewelry, cash, pills and other small valuable items. The secret top unscrew will allow you to conceal small things. No one would suspect a hair brush and you can hide it in plain sight. Find it here!


Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock - Looks & Feels like Real Stone



Don't lock yourself and your family members outside ever again and hide a spare key in this rock-looking key holder. It looks and feels just like a rock and you can easily keep it in your garden that goes undercover easily among grass, shrubs and landscape rocks. Find it here!


Mini Lighter-Shape Secret Storage Box


These lighters don't spark when you flick it, but let you hide small valuables like pills, and supplements. You can easily remove the bottom of the lighter to reveal a secret stash pills box. It invites no attention and works well. Find it here!


Paladone Rubiks Cube Safe



Rubiks cube is very common and no one can suspect cash in it. This 5×5 Rubiks cube looks like any ordinary cube but has a secret compartment in its center. The middle three layers are to be turned in a specific combination to reveal the compartment. Find it here!


Portable Lip Stick Pill Case Diversion Safe Stash Storage

These are lipstick pill cases that have small compartments at the bottom to store or hide pills and supplements. It is easy to open and keeps your valuables safe. Moreover, why would someone check a lipstick? Find it here!


This is our list of 25 secret stash everyday things that you can bring to your home to keep all your valuables safe and secure. No one can suspect any of these items as all of these are very commonly used.

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