20 Best Camping Gifts To Help You Survive the Camping Experience

A camping gear consists of the things that you must take while you are travelling or camping in some unknown place overnight. These items equip you to handle all kinds of necessary needs or unforeseen dangers. It may also include items that can provide you comfort, safety or even entertainment while you are camping alone or with friends and family. Here we have tried to find out some of the quirkiest and yet the most useful items that can make any camping trip just splendid. You simply can’t refuse to take these camping essentials next time you are planning to go out.


1. Kids Hammock


*VERY COMFORTABLE and extra soft (as soft as ENO - and yes we checked)
*SUPER STRONG parachute nylon fabric (210T Nylon - same material skydivers use!).
*EXTRA SAFE because it has triple interlocking stitching so you won't fall through
*HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED to set it up and start relaxing in it now (Set of nautical ropes and 2 heavy duty steel carabiners included)
*NO HASSLE TO HANG your hammock because you don't need a single tool!

Find it here.


  1. Inflatable Transparent Bubble Tent


A bubble tent is a transparent and inflatable tent that keeps you safe from the elements and animals while you camp at night and also allows you to see the world outside. Imagine sleeping under the stars and gazing at the night sky without worrying about mosquitoes and snakes. This is just the perfect thing you need for great and memorable camping. Find it here.



  1. BioLite Basecamp Wood Burning Stove


This is a smart device that lets you cook for a large group and also charge devices or light a lamp at the basecamp. You can simply use a few fallen branches to light up a fire and the heat is converted into usable electricity for large scale cooking and other purposes. This is one device that is quite adept at multitasking for a camp. Find it here.


  1. Reveille Sleeping Bag


This is a sleeping bag meant to keep you warm and comfortable in case you are camping the night at some wet and damp place. It keeps the body dry and warm with its insulated body and is quite durable for use too. This is a must have in your camping kit when you are travelling to a place with uncertain weather conditions. Find it here.


  1. Inflatable Camping Bed with Pillow for the Car


This lightweight foldable sleeping mattress is the ideal thing to be carried when you are travelling for long hours in a car. This is made to fit inside the car when inflated and makes the most comfortable sleeping arrangement for you while you are on the go.

This is a very practical item that you need and quite convenient to carry and use. Find it here.


  1. Portable Female Urination Device


This is the best thing a woman could ever ask for while camping or travelling. We know how difficult it is for a woman to use the restroom or squat in the wild and it’s often very dangerous too. This portable urination device helps women to urinate safely and discreetly without having to squat anywhere. Find it here.  


  1. Inflatable Lounger With Travel Bag


This luxurious inflatable lounger is available in 5 cool colours for you to choose. This is light and absolutely comfortable to carry and use too. You can inflate it in minutes and use it to have a great time to recline and relax just about anywhere you feel like. Get the comfort of home in the hills or forests or wherever on earth you are. Find it here.


  1. Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat

This sand free camping mat has been made in a patented technology where the high-density weaving allows sand particles to fall through it without being able to come back up again. It is ideal for beach camping or for outdoor activities to allow you to relax comfortable without having rough sand particles all over your body. Find it here.



  1. Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


Enjoy yourself while camping outside with this outdoor Bluetooth speaker that is weather resistant and convenient to carry. It is dust and weather resistant and so you need not worry about carrying to any place in the world. Just enjoy your evenings with crystal clear sound quality. Find it here.



  1. Kids Monster Sleeping Bag with Pillow

This is a cute animal sack and pillow set to lure your child to sleep in comfort and safety while you are travelling or camping. The super plush material enhances comfort and also keeps the child warm in cold weather conditions. This is ideal to be carried for camping trips if you have a child with you. Find it here.


  1. Inflatable Portable Tubs


In case you are too worried about taking a bath in the open or in places where you are not comfortable, this inflatable bath tub can come handy. This tub can be inflated in minutes anywhere and can be used for bathing by both children and adults. Now have a refreshing, comfortable bath even while you are camping. Find it here.


  1. Grandpa's Fire Fork-2pk Spirt

This is just the right cooking fork for a smart campfire. It is made of stainless steel and attaches to any stick to enhance your convenience of use. You practically have the ease to cook up a barbecue no matter in what situation you are camping in. Doesn’t it sound great to have tasty barbecue with your camping mates whenever you are out? Find it here.


  1. Coolest Cooler

This is the ultimate cooler made for all kinds of parties, picnics and camping purposes. It serves as an ice chest with wheels, handle, Bluetooth speaker, solar lids and blender options. It has everything you need to make yourself a few chilled drinks to make the evenings special. Find it here.


  1. Solar Torch Lights

It’s always best to carry your own source of light along in any situation. This solar light can withstand all weather conditions and give you a strong flame for an enjoyable campfire experience. It is truly an absolute necessity. Find it here.


  1. Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife)

This is a multifunction Tactical Spork that is meant to be taken on fishing and camping purposes. It is effective, durable and long lasting and serves a lot of purposes. Keep it in your camping gear because you never know in how many ways it can serve you. Find it here.



  1. Leatherman - MUT EOD Multitool


As the name suggests, this is a multi-tool that manages several jobs at the same time and has a combination of several essential tools packed into one. You do not have to carry an array of tools for camping when you have this all-purpose multi-tool that takes care of everything. It works as a knife; plier, wire-cutter, crimper, saw, etc. Find this fantastic thing here.


  1. Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar Backpack


This is a solar charger backpack that is as useful as it can get when you are travelling. It can charge your devices using USB so that you are never out of power. Its solar panels work efficiently to be ready to charge all kinds of gadgets. At the same time, it has a laptop compartment and several other pockets to carry all your necessary things for travelling. Find it here.



  1. Portable Canopy Sunshade - 7' x 7'


This is a simple canopy to give you shade during the day time or as a temporary shelter whenever you need it outdoors. It can be used on the beach or just about anywhere you feel the need to rest. It is made to last all outdoor activities and can be anchored using basic natural resources like rocks. Find it here.




  1. Fire Pull String Firestarter

This is a must have for all camping activities and for all emergency situations. It helps you to start a fire anytime, in any situation and in less than a minute. All you need to do is loop the green string around a log, and pull the red string to build up a fire in about no time. It is also long lasting and wind proof. This is great for all emergency situations. Find it here!



  1. Portable Espresso Maker

This is an Espresso machine that runs without any need for a battery or electricity and makes you great coffee anywhere. It is great for travelling as you can have coffee whenever you wish to. It works great with all varieties of coffee and is the ideal travel companion for coffee lovers. Get it here.


Here were 20 best items that should definitely be a part of your camping gear. This can make life easy as well as interesting while you are exploring the world and meeting its challenges. These ideal items for travelling keep you prepared for everything; come what may. Start packing then for a great camping trip ahead.

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